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About Us.

Helping you choose the right airpods honestly.

Why do we do what we do? was started on August 2020 to combat fake reviews written purely for monetary gain. Many people write product reviews on the internet to drive sales by upselling the products they are reviewing.

Our mission is to fight such marketing tactics with honesty. We provide you with all of the pros and cons of the airpods in the market, comparing airpod models and conveying everything you need to know in the reviews.

We strive to keep the reviews short and sweet, but most importantly, factual. We have a team dedicated to researching what people have to say about their experience with each airpod model.

Some airpods we review have been tested by us. We never neglect to compare our experience with the experience of thousands online. Our mission is to help you choose with a strict focus on honesty and transparency.

“If Affiliate Marketing exists, we have to let consumers know about it. People are unaware of the driving force behind most product reviews on the Internet. Our duty is to inform others with honesty.”

– Founder

Our Methodology

There are thousands of websites online - some are more trusted than others. However we take no chance in giving unknown websites the benefit of the doubt. We only review products that are sold on Amazon. We are dedicated to ensuring the platform that is used to perform purchases is safe and secure. We see it as our duty to look out for the valued visitors of our website.

We are not affiliated with Amazon or any companies of the products we review on this website. Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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