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Samsung True Wireless Earbuds

Samsung is most notable for producing quality earbuds. The company that’s often brought up as a rival to Apple is also in the True Wireless Earbud arena. The tech giant is world renowned, whether you are a fan of Samsung or not, there’s no denying its credibility in the global tech arena.

Samsung has generally been producing TWS earbuds on the more expensive end

$ 0
Average Earbud Price
0 /10
Our Overall Rating
Brand Credibility
Doesn't get better than this 100%
Average Earbud Sound Performance
Nearly perfect 90%
Average Earbud Microphone Quality
Nearly Perfect 90%
Average Earbud Design Rating
Great overall 80%
Average Earbud Playtime
Nearly perfect 90%
Average Earbud Case Playtime
Great overall 85%
Average Earbud Durability
Good overall 75%

Samsung's True Wireless Earbud Models