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Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds
Shahtaj Maqsood

Shahtaj Maqsood

Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds Review 2021

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Brief Intro/Description

The Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds are water-resistant, reasonably priced, comfortable to wear and come in a range of exquisite colors.

What comes in the box

  •  6 Pairs x Ear Caps  (Size Small, Medium, Large)
  • Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual
  • 1- year warranty
Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds - Cahrge-on-the-go

Design & Comfort

Both the Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds and the charging case have a clean and simple design. The earbuds are black and have a glossy look to them along with a blue and a red ring on each bud where the touch controls seem to be while the charging case has a matte black exterior.

The buds seem to look very much identical to the TOZO T6 wireless earbuds. You get 6 sets of ear tips in the box, all silicone. The extra ear tips you get are a mix of thin as well as thick tips so that you can have a wide range to choose from and customize your earbuds to give the best, most secure fit. The buds are small and lightweight enough to be comfortable for all-day wear without causing any pain or pressure. The charging case also feels pretty light and highly portable. 

These wireless earbuds come with a one-year warranty so in case your earbuds have any faults, you’re covered. You can get these earbuds in multiple spectacular colors.

They are available in purple, black, blue, grass green, rose pink, and royal blue.

One earbud has a blue ring on the back of it, while another has a red ring. These are located right where the touchpads are.

Looking at the charging case, the overall design of it is very minimal, just like the wireless earbuds. The shape of the case is the typical-shaped design. 

The magnetic interior of the charging case holds the earbuds in their places really well. Within the charging case, you’ll see left and right indicators carved in to help you to know which earpiece goes where.

The size of the charging case is not the smallest, but it is compact enough to still be travel-friendly.

Charging Case

The  Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds come with a compact charging case that is magnetized so that the earbuds stay firmly in the case and inside of the case is an indicator light.

No handy LED lights on the outside of the case to show battery life. Taking the earbuds out from the case will turn them on and once placed back in, the buds will turn off.

You get a good deal of battery life as one charge can give 6 hours of playtime and you can even get 3 to 4 additional charges from the case as well. You can check various models with better playtime in the charging case from our charging case playtime archive.

Sound Quality

The Kurdene S8 earbuds feature 6mm drivers and provide fantastic sound quality, superb bass with very clear mids and highs.

Definitely an excellent pair of wireless earbuds considering the impressive sound quality along with an astonishingly low price tag.

Call Quality

The call quality is average and the mic might pick up a little noise from the surroundings, but it is not enough for you to not be heard properly by other callers.


These wireless earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology for quick and easy pairing, you get a  connectivity range of 50 feet and minimal latency.

The pairing process very simple and straightforward. All you do is take them out of their case and connect them to your device. 

Moreover, these wireless earbuds cannot be connected to multiple devices simultaneously.

Control Features

The  Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds possess touch-sensitive features and though they are prone to accidental taps at the slightest touch, they make the user experience very comfortable, unlike the usual physical buttons that are sometimes hard to push.

These touch controls allow you to play/pause music, skip a track, control the volume, answer phone calls as well as reject calls and turn on voice-assistant.

  • You can just tap any of the earbuds once to play or pause your music.
  • Tap thrice on either bud to summon Siri.
  • And, to turn off Voice Assistant, you have to tap once on one of the earbuds.
Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds- Superior Sound Quality

Water Resistance

The Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds are  IPX8 waterproof as a result they can handle rain and sweat, making them ideal for use in the outdoors. Plus, the charging case also has an IPX6 waterproof rating.

You can also wear these earbuds while showering. 

However, the Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds may not handle full submersion which is why you should not take a dive with these on otherwise they might stop working.

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

These wireless earbuds do not seem to have any active noise cancellation technology. However, the earbuds create a good enough seal in your ear to drown out any ambient noise.

Watch YaGurlShay‘s video review on the Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds.

Extra Features

  • Built-in microphones
  • Wireless earbuds
  • 30H playtime with the case
  • Volume-Control


  • Fit Type: In-Ear
  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.77 x 1.50 inches
  • Weight: 1.59 ounces
  • IPX8 Waterproof 
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Touch Control
  • Color: Black, White, Orange, Purple, Grass Blue, Burgundy, Rose Pink, Royal Blue and Wathet
  • Charging: Charging case and USB
  • Playtime: 6H
  • Compatible with tablets, laptops, iOS, and Android smartphones.
  • Noise Cancellation

Brand Credibility

In 2020, we wrote that Kurdene did not seem to be a very notable brand. They did not have a website and didn’t have a large variety of products.

How has that changed in 2021? Well, we still haven’t found any website from Kurdene, however we have found a Facebook page that seems to belong to Kurdene. The brand is still offering a small variety of products, but there is a large number of available colours for their S8 model.

Kurdene still has a long way to go, and they cannot be put on the same league as other manufacturers until their website is up and running at the very least.

Quality & Materials Used

Made with plastic, the Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds, and their charging case is nothing premium, though both sufficiently sturdy for a product that is for under $40.


In 2020, the Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds were sold for $29.99. At the time of writing this review, in March 4, 2021, the price is only $22.99. You may purchase them from Amazon.


Many users asked have looked for the manual for the Kurdene S8. We recommend checking out the earbud’s Amazon product page for details of the model instructions on how to use the earbuds.

If you have any specific questions regarding the S8, feel free to submit a comment below.

Pros & Cons


  • The Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds are  IPX8 waterproof and they come with extra silicone ear caps for you to choose the best size for your ears.
  • They offer good sound quality and they have touch-sensitive controls on each earbud.
  • Their modest price tag makes the Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds ideal for those on a budget.
  • These wireless earbuds come in minimal packaging.
  • They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and are simple and easy to pair.
  • The earbuds as well as the charging case come with a one year warranty.
  • Great for running and working out at the gym since they come with an extensive range of tips for a better grip.
  • With the  Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds you also get an exceptional amount of playtime.
  • The touch controls allow volume adjustment.


  • No USB-C charging.
  • The charging case does not feature wireless charging.
  • The slippery exterior of the charging case does not allow a good grip for easy opening. 

Final Verdict

The Kurdene S8 wireless earbuds may not offer high-class performance but they are a pair of decent-performing, budget-friendly earbuds that are user-friendly, waterproof, and offer a good amount of playtime.

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Product Summary



Control Type

Touch Controls

Water Resistance



Product has ANC: ✘

Wireless Charging

Product has wireless charging: ✘

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.0

Charging Case Playtime

24 hours

Earbud Playtime

6 hours

Microphone Rating

Microphone Quality Rating: 6.5/10

Sound Rating

Sound Quality Rating: 8/10


Overall Rating: 7/10



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