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TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
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TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Review 2021

Brief Intro/Description

The TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are loaded with multiple awesome features as well as an IPX6 waterproof rating. Let’s have an in-depth look at these earbuds and what they have to offer.

What comes in the box

  • TOZO NC9 Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging Case.
  • 6 pairs of ear tips.
  • USB Type-C charging cable.

Design & Comfort

Each earbud has a wide surface where the touch-sensitive controls are located. These earbuds have a mix of gloss and matte finish. On the inside of both earbuds, you’ll see the TOZO branding. For better fit and comfort, these earbuds are accompanied by a few extra pairs of gel tips in varying sizes. The matte top half of the earbud is where the touch surface is situated.

Size-wise, these earbuds are neither too big nor small. Their ergonomic design allows for a stable fit, making these buds good for use during running or working out. They also do not protrude much, which is a plus.

The charging case is an average pill-shaped case with the TOZO branding on the top. The USB-C port can be found on the back of the case while the front has LED lights to show power status.

Charging Case

The charging case is not the smallest but it is still easy to store in a pocket. The earbuds will also nicely snap back into their charging case since the case is magnetized on the inside.

You can make use of these wireless earbuds for up to 8 hours on one charge. The charging case, on the other hand, provides another 24 hours.

TOZO NC9 Wireless Earbuds- Portable Batery Case.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality of these earbuds, they offer very powerful bass yet not overpowering. There is a lot of clarity in the vocals as well as in the highs. Also, the volume of these earbuds can get super high.

TOZO NC9 Earbuds- High-quality Stereo Sound.

Call Quality

For making phone calls, the TOZO NC9 Wireless Earbuds work impressively. This is because the microphone does a good job of providing clear voice quality. A little noise might still pass through if your surroundings are loud.


Bluetooth 5.0 is the Bluetooth version that these earbuds are equipped with. There isn’t much latency and the connectivity these buds offer is very stable with almost no dropouts.

Take both earbuds out of their rechargeable case and they will enter pairing mode almost immediately. These earbuds can be used in mono (left or right) and stereo mode.

TOZO NC9- Super Easy Pair.

Control Features

The TOZO NC9 earbuds have controls that are touch-sensitive. The touch surface on each earbud is adequately wide so you can tap the surfaces with ease to use the controls.

  • A single tap on the right earbud to pause music.
  • You can tap twice on the right earbud for the next track.
  • Tap twice on the left bud for the previous track.
  • Tap the left bud to switch between Active Noise Cancelling mode and Transparency Mode.
  • To access Voice Assistant, tap thrice on either one of the earbuds.
  • Tap and hold the right bud to increase volume.
  • Tap and hold the left bud to decrease volume.
TOZO NC9 Earbuds- Transparent Mode.

Water Resistance

These earbuds have an IPX6 waterproof rating. They feature a nano-coating that helps to prevent damage to the buds due to coming into contact with any moisture. This essentially means that your earbuds won’t get ruined by rain, sweat, or water splashes. Although, you should not swim with these on as they might get damaged.

ANC ( Active Noice Canceling Technology )

Active Noice Canceling is present in the TOZO NC9 earbuds to eliminate the environmental noises to help you avoid distractions and immerse yourself in your music.

Additionally, these earbuds also feature a Transparency Mode to allow you to hear your surroundings. This feature is pretty handy for when you are on public transport or in the airport as it will prevent you from missing out on important announcements. And, it is nice to keep you aware of your surroundings for safety purposes.

You can easily switch between these two modes when you need to.

Extra Features

  • Built-in Microphone with Dual Noise Cancelling.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Touch Control
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • One-Step Pairing
  • Active Noise Cancellation

Watch Gamesky’s video review of the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds.

Brand Credibility

TOZO’s brand credibility is unchanged since our last review of their T6 and T12 True Wireless Earbuds:

TOZO claims to “ integrate the latest science and technology, environmental materials and fashionable elements ” into their products. It seems to be a Chinese brand that isn’t notable but offers some really neat products.

Apart from earbuds, some other stuff that TOZO offers include quick charge power banks, screen protectors, and wireless chargers. With products from no-name brands, you can’t be sure of their quality but these function quite decently.

Quality & Materials Used

The TOZO NC9 wireless earbuds along with their charging case have a plastic build. The quality of these is quite rigid and they are in no way low quality or unstable.


A the time of this review, the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are priced at $69.99.

Pros & Cons


  • The TOZO NC9 wireless earbuds are fast pairing and they can be used in single and twin mode.
  • They are protected against moisture since they are IPX6 Waterproof.
  • The controls of these earbuds are touch-sensitive and they are supplied with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • These earbuds are noise-canceling since they have ANC but they also have a handy feature called transparent mode to let you hear your surroundings.
  • The case has a USB-C type charge port and the sound quality of these earbuds is also satisfactory.
  • The earbuds are very light and give a secure fit. They also have a good selection of gel tips of different sizes.


  • You do not get any wireless charging with these earbuds.
  • The touch controls are a tad slow so you have to be patient when using them. This is not really a deal-breaker though.
  • Battery life isn’t impressive.

Final Verdict

The TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds are not really sky-high expensive but not dirt-cheap either. However, these are incredibly good quality. They are loaded with cool features and have strong build quality. Definitely excellent value for money.

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Product Summary



Control Type

Touch Controls

Water Resistance



Product has ANC: ✔

Wireless Charging

Product has wireless charging: ✔

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.0

Charging Case Playtime

24 hours

Earbud Playtime

8 hours

Microphone Rating

Microphone Quality Rating: 8/10

Sound Rating

Sound Quality Rating: 8.5/10


Overall Rating: 8/10



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