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Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds
Shahtaj Maqsood

Shahtaj Maqsood

Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds Review

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Brief Intro/Description

The Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds come in a charging case that also works as a power bank, they are also supplied with touch-sensitive controls and have an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds- Package Contents.

What comes in the box

  • Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds 
  • Charging Case 
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Ear tips (small, medium, and large size)

Design & Comfort

The Mpow M20 earbuds have multiple interchangeable ear tips with them so you can choose one with the right fit. Each earbud has a touch surface that also features the Mpow logo. They are quite comfortable to wear and do not fall out easily. These buds are designed quite well and do not poke out when you’re wearing them. Both earbuds feature LED lights on them that blink when they are charging.

The charging case is fully matte black and has magnets inside to secure the earbuds in their places. The LED light indicators are located on the front of the charging case and the Mpow branding is on the lid as well as a USB port on the side of the case so that you can charge other devices with it. There is also a Micro USB port to charge the case.

Charging Case

An additional cool feature the charging case has is that you can also use it to charge your phone when you need to. You can get 6 hours of listening time with the earbuds and the charging case can offer an extra 100 hours, taking the total battery life to 106 hours.

Sound Quality

The M20 earbuds provide quite a crystal clear sound quality for a pair that is priced around $50. The bass is deep and heavy however, the mids are lacking.

These earbuds are also super noise isolating due to the tight seal they create in the ear canal.

Mpow M20 Earbud- Qualcomm aptX Stereo Sound.

Call Quality

These earbuds feature microphones to allow phone calls. They offer clear call quality and you can easily be heard with no issues. But, they can pick up some sounds from your surroundings if you are out and about or just anywhere really noisy.


The Mpow M20 earbuds are supplied with Bluetooth 5.0 and offer stable connectivity without any dropouts and no latency.

These wireless earbuds can function in both mono mode and twin mode. However, only the right earbud can be used in mono mode since it is the main earbud. They will turn on and start pairing as soon as you remove them from the case.

Control Features

The M20 earbuds have very responsive touch controls instead of physical buttons which make them quite comfortable to wear and use.

Pressing either earbud just once will play/pause your music, press and hold the left earbud to bring down the volume, and to increase it you have to press and hold the right earbud, press thrice to access Voice Assistant, etc,.

Sensitive touch buttons allow you to easily access functions.

Water Resistance

These Mpow earbuds consist of the IPX7 waterproof rating. Because of this, you can wear these during any kind of sports and exercise since these earbuds can handle splashes and are also safe against any damage from sweat, rain, and water.

ANC ( Active Noise Canceling Technology )

The Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds do not appear to have Active Noise Canceling Technology which is expected as these are budget earbuds but, they cancel out passive noise to help you enjoy your music better.

Extra Features

  • Power Bank 
  • IPX7 Waterproof


  • aptX 3D Bass Stereo Sound
  • cVc 8.0 noise-canceling mics
  • Qualcomm Chip
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Twin & Mono Mode(Right earbud)
  • Touch Control
  • 106 Hrs Playtime 
  • LDS Antenna

Watch Brian Unboxed‘s video review of the Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds.

Brand Credibility

Mpow’s brand credibility is unchanged since our last review of their  Mpow M30 Plus True Wireless Earbuds:

Founded in 2013, MPOW claims to provide “ ergonomic products for people living congruously as well as efficiently.” Their website is jam-packed with audio products. Some of the products they sell are true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Gaming Headsets, selfie sticks, tripods as well as waterproof phone pouches, and much more.

Quality & Materials Used

The Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds have a very nice build quality but they are very lightweight and they are made of hard plastic. The case is also made of plastic and quite robust.


At the time of this review, the Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds are priced at $49.99.

Pros & Cons


  • The Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds come with a charging case that can also function as a power bank.
  • You get a total of 106 hours of battery life with these wireless earbuds.
  • You get smooth touch controls which are quite easy to use.
  • These earbuds also feature volume control.
  • They are IPX7 waterproof and feature Bluetooth 5.0.
  • They can be used in twin mode as well as mono mode.
  • These earbuds are quite economically priced, and they are also fast pairing.
  • They can muffle out a lot of noise due to the seal they products in the ears.


  • The Mpow M20 earbuds’ charging case features a Micro USB port.
  • The charging case is quite bulky which can make it hard to carry it around in a pocket.
  • Accidental triggers are a possibility with these touch controls.

Final Verdict

The Mpow M20 True Wireless Earbuds offer good value for a pair of budget earbuds as the battery life they offer is brilliant, they feature simple touch controls and they are also waterproof.

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Product Summary



Control Type

Touch Controls

Water Resistance



Product has ANC: ✘

Wireless Charging

Product has wireless charging: ✘

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.0

Charging Case Playtime

100 hours

Earbud Playtime

6 hours

Microphone Rating

Microphone Quality Rating: 7/10

Sound Rating

Sound Quality Rating: 7.5/10


Overall Rating: 7.5/10



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